Our 2018 Grand Canyon Fall Circuit is now closed for entries

The Circuit is recognized by PSA – 2018-445

and by GPU – L180113

Closing Date: October 29, 2018

Three Divisions – Six Sections – 3 Judgings

PID-C Color Open – PID-M Monochrome Open

ND Nature Open – ND Nature Wildlife

PJ Photojournalism Open – PJ Human Interest

Entry Fees: PayPal Only

$26 for 1 Section $34 for 2 Sections $44 for 3 Sections
$52 for 4 Sections $60 for 5 Sections $66 for all 6 Sections
Discounts are available for groups of 5 or more. Please contact the Chair at


Each Section – 10 Medals
1 Best of Show: PSA Gold
1 GPU Gold
1 ACCC Gold
1 GCC Gold
1 GCC Silver
1 GCC Bronze
1 Chairman’s Award
3 Judge’s Choice Awards
A minimum of 60 Medals in each judging
A Minimum of 180 Medals in the Circuit!

Honorable Mentions will be given. Our target is to have 30-35% of the images accepted. We intend to award additional Circuit Silver and Circuit Bronze Medals in each section of each salon based upon quantity and quality of entries.

Exhibition Calendar
Closing: October 29, 2018
Judging: November 1-November 20, 2018
Notification: By December 3, 2018 via E-mail only
PDF Catalog on-line and awards mailed: By February 4, 2019

You must read our Rules and Conditions of Entry for details. PSA rules have changed!